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Have you suffered injuries from slips and falls?

Slips and falls can vary from tripping to falling as a result of an owner or occupier negligently causing an unreasonable hazard. Snow and ice are the most common cause of slips and falls in Alberta, but can also occur in a variety of other situations.

Slips and falls and the injuries they cause can affect a person’s physical, mental and emotional health. It can have a tremendous impact on your life. You may experience long-term health problems and require extensive medical treatment during your recovery. You may also experience financial difficulties, as slip and fall injuries may prevent you from returning to work or may require accommodation at the workplace. If something happened to you and you fell, a Calgary personal injury lawyer can help you get compensation.

The owner or occupier of land has a duty of care to everyone on his property. The owner or occupier must take the necessary steps to ensure reasonable safety on the premises. For example, when entering a business, if the floor is slippery, employees should take immediate action to correct the situation, have internal procedures, and be in compliant with those procedures. The company should also have a monitoring and evaluation process to determine and act on any risks that arise.

Note that just because you are injured does not mean you are entitled to compensation. It must be clear that the owner of the property has recklessly or negligently allowed the danger to be on their property and that conduct has caused you damages. If you are entitled to compensation, the insurance company that covers the business or personal property where the accident occurred pays you. During the initial consultation, we can provide our opinion on the evidence available to prove your case. We can also provide you with information about the treatment you need by connecting you with doctors, physiotherapists, chiropractors, specialists and massage therapists in Calgary.

We have extensive knowledge of case law and negotiation skills required to resolve personal injury claims. Our personal injury lawyer have successfully appeared in cases at all levels of court in Calgary and throughout Alberta to promote the interests of their clients.

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