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If you or a family member has been seriously injured in a car accident, it is important to understand your rights. There are many factors to consider in a car accident lawsuit. TC Legal is here to help you understand these factors and determine if you have a case. Once retained, we aggressively escalate your claim to ensure you’re properly compensated. Preliminary investigation and preservation of evidence are important in many cases. In some car accidents, it may be necessary to have an accident reconstruction expert go directly to the scene of the accident to assess the any questions related to fault, or how the accident took place.

TC Legal has handled numerous car accident claims. Our experience knows it well and we are confident that we can help you if you are involved in a car accident. Trust the experience of TC Legal.

What should I do immediately after the accident?

  1. Get out of the way of traffic. For your safety and that of any passengers, leave your vehicle where it is if necessary and get off the road.
  2. Determine if anyone needs immediate medical attention and call 911 if necessary.
  3. Exchange information with the other driver, such as driver’s license, registration, and insurance.
  4. If possible, take pictures of the scene of the accident.
  5. Seek medical treatment for your injuries. See your family doctor and start any treatment that they may recommend.
  6. Report the accident to the police.
  7. Contract TC Legal before talking to any insurance representatives.

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MVA Legal Claims and Personal Compensation

There are various factors and variables that can affect the amount of compensation a person is entitled to after being injured in a motor vehicle accident. At TC Legal we will carefully and thoroughly review all the details of your accident and injuries to determine the merits of your case and proper quantification of your damages.

Factors that may affect your claim and the damages you may recover include pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, lost wages and other economic loss, medical expenses, replacement or repair of your vehicle, future care costs such as rehabilitation and physiotherapy, and any other expenses another related to the accident. With years of personal injury law experience, TC Legal can analyze the complex legal details surrounding your car accident so you can focus on recovery.

We provide free consultations to our clients to understand the case in detail and also work on a “No Win No Fee” basis. We have an excellent track record with proven case results. Call us today so we can begin working on your case. The call is free and there is never a fee unless you win.

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